Commercial tapware and quality tapware main difference is in the construction, designed for heavy use commercial tapware is a simple choice. Commercial tapware covers bench and upstand models to standard hot and cold taps to flick mixers. High end domestic tapware offers the quality and is used in front of house applications where design and appearance matter.

Hands free operated tapware operates using infrared sensors the activate for a set time period. They can be hard wired or battery operated and promote excellent hygiene practices as germs and bacteria are better controlled. 

Pre-rinse sprays are typically used to rinse plates before being placed into the dishwasher, with the option for an add-on faucet and with the ease of operation, pre-rinse spray units are indispensable for kitchens and dishwashing.

Select from companies providing commercial taps, designer tap, infrared sensor taps and pre-rinse spray units for all applications.

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