Located in New South Wales, Australia

Waterproof, Harden, Dustproof & Preserve New & Old Concrete

SEAL-A-CRETE is a hardening gel formula specifically designed to penetrate concrete to create a permanent seal. The sealing of the concrete works to harden, waterproof, dustproof and preserve new and old concrete.

Once the SEAL-A-CRETE gel penetrates into the concrete, a reaction between free lime and alkali fill the voids and bond. SEAL-A-CRETE swells in the presence of moisture preventing the movement of water and other liquids under hydrostatic pressure.

SEAL-A-CRETE has many benefits from being cost effective, effectively penetrates concrete up to 8 inches (200mm) thick using a proprietary wetting agent composed of sixteen enzymes, contains the same inorganics present in concrete, nontoxic water based and environmentally friendly, stops hydrostatic pressure, compatible with all coatings and adhesives, hardens concrete by 20%, is permanent and   seals the slab internally for life.

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