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Industrial & Professional Cooking Equipment

With over 40 years experience, the Italian company Firex has been built on a solid foundation of quality management, customer satisfaction, and excellent standards of equipment and manufacturing processes. Firex specialises in the design and manufacturing of cooking equipment for the catering sector and mass distribution markets. INDUSTRIAL AND PROFESSIONAL KITCHENS Constructed in quality AISI 316 thickness 25-40) stainless steel, Firex equipment is durable, sturdy and suitable for food products with high acidity. INNOVATIVE, STATE-OF-THE-ART COOKING SYSTEMS With an extensive range of equipment, Firex has all your requirements met. From electronic boiling pans (100-540L capacity) with automatic water filling, electronic tilting kettles (70-300L capacity) with or without mixer, manual tilting braising pans (185-225L capacity) to motorised tilting pans (100-330L capacity).

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Unit 5/175-179 James Ruse Drive
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