Electrolyzed water sanitizing systems work to clean and sanitize through electrolysis. The process involves water, salt and electricity and through electrolysis produces positively and negatively charged electrolyzed water. The negatively charged water becomes an alkaline solution used for cleaning properties and the positively charged water transforms to an acidic solution with excellent sanitising properties.

Electrolyzed sanitizing systems have many benefits from being environmentally safe, on demand supply, non-toxic, no chemical usage, safe for skin and eyes and can even be added to a spray bottle for portable electrolyzed water.

Electrolyzed water sanitizing systems are excellent in sanitizing and cleaning from the preparation of fruit, vegetables and fish to chopping boards, knives, benching and floors. Electrolyzed water sanitizing systems offer savings from other devices as there is no need for harsh chemicals, no valuable space is required for secure storage and the elimination of transporting chemicals. 

Electrolyzed water sanitizing systems are perfect of sushi bars, restaurants, hospitals, stadiums and all other food service operations with no job to small or big, with some sanitizing systems only taking about two years to pay for themselves. Select from companies providing electrolyzed water sanitizing systems.

EWater Systems

eWater Systems

Electrolyzed water sanitizing systems to clean and sanitize, non-toxic, no chemical usage, safe for skin and eyes and can even be added to a spray bottle.

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