Food safety is very serious and with the proper implementation of a sanitizing system can provide peace of mind for all food service operations by eliminating bacteria and viruses. As chemical sanitizing systems are facing a battle against effective or even more effective systems that use no chemicals, while being clean, safe and environmentally friendly.

Using science and technology electrolyzed water and ozone water treatment systems offer benefits for their effectiveness against bacteria and viruses with a safe and clean operation. Ultra violet (UV) radiation cabinets are great as a portable solution. 

With a range of options spend the time to research and speak to the specialists to find a system to best suit your needs. Systems can range to handle a single sink to a complete commercial kitchen, select from leading sanitizing and bacteria control companies and design a system for your business.

  • Electrolyzed Water Sanitizing Systems
  • Ozone Water Treatment Systems
  • UV Sanitizing

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Richard Jay Pty Ltd

We are an internationally recognised corporation providing laundry, warewashing and chemical dispensing solutions.

EWater Systems

eWater Systems

Electrolyzed water sanitizing systems to clean and sanitize, non-toxic, no chemical usage, safe for skin and eyes and can even be added to a spray bottle.

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An Italian food processing machine manufacturer of equipment for bars, restaurants, cafes, pizzerias, commercial kitchens, butcheries to supermarkets.

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