For waste disposal a waste disposal pulper is designed to take waste product and reduce the mass to a semi-dry state. Very effective in reducing the overall volume of waste as most of the water is pushed or squeezed out, the reduction in waste volume can be over 80 percent.

Another great benefit is the semi-dried product is a reduction or virtual elimination of odour which coincides with reducing bacteria growth as well as assisting with pest control, a system with a win win solution.

Costs advantages are achieved as the waste removed from the premises is minimal and labour costs of handling and removing are reduced with the big bonus of the space required for waste storage. Select from companies providng waste disposal and waste reduction equipment and design a system to work for you.

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Power Knot Australasia

The Liquid Food Composter (LFC) is a commercial bio digester that decomposes food waste in less than 24 hours, before safely releasing it to the sewage system.

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Nemco Food Equipment

Nemco Food Equipment is an innovator, developer and manufacturer of food equipment providing food service industry solutions to improve efficiency.

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Hobart Food Australia (a division of ITW Limited Company)

Manufacturers of cooking equipment, warewashing machines and food preparation equipment from combi ovens, dish washers, mixers, slicers and vegetable prep.

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