From plumbing and waste equipment are used in the design of equipment to the installation stage. Find the right companies providing fittings and hoses for natural gas, LP (liquid petroleum) gas, water hoses, pumps and other fittings. Suitable supplies will result plumbing equipment capable of handling the required pressure loads, safety concerns, durability and the longevity of the equipment.

Also waste equipment from dry basket arrestors (DBA), sink waste arrestors and waste pulpers used to capture food products before entering the sewer and meet codes to allow for proper waste disposal. 

Liquid food composters offer commercial solutions to further reduce cost and waste. Liquid food composters act as a bio digester that decomposes waste food in minimal time and then releases safely into the sewer system - reduce your carbon footprint by diverting your waste from landfills through innovation.

Plumbing and waste equipment are an important part of any food service operation. Select from companies providing plumbing and waste equipment.

  • Gas Water Supplies & Fittings
  • Pump and Valve
  • Dry Basket Arrestor – Plumbing
  • Liquid Food Composters
  • Waste Pulpers
  • Waste Disposal & Waste Reduction

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Power Knot Australasia

The Liquid Food Composter (LFC) is a commercial bio digester that decomposes food waste in less than 24 hours, before safely releasing it to the sewage system.

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Nemco Food Equipment

Nemco Food Equipment is an innovator, developer and manufacturer of food equipment providing food service industry solutions to improve efficiency.

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Hobart Food Australia (a division of ITW Limited Company)

Manufacturers of cooking equipment, warewashing machines and food preparation equipment from combi ovens, dish washers, mixers, slicers and vegetable prep.

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A manufacturer and supplier of sinks, tapware, drainage, stainless steel products and plumbing equipment for domestic and commercial applications.

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