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Kisag: Stick blenders and HotWhip

With generations of Swiss people cooking, preparing andblending ingredients using Kisag products, it is no surprise that the Kisag name is synonymous with good quality and useful inventions, forging its identity in Switzerland as a well known and respected brand. Producing kitchen equipment and appliances for Gastronomy since 1945 in Bellach, Solothurn, Kisag is known as a leader within the hospitality industry. Due to other technologies in the gastronomy field being in their infancy at the time, Kisag was able to succeed in developing new features with ingenuity and pioneering achievements. The family business is now run by a second-generation representative, Urs Brüngger, with Phoeniks proud to be the Australian distributor for the full range of stick blenders, as well as HotWhip – a must for every kitchen in the world.
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