Packaging systems for transport vary to suit the application. For example a company palletises their product ready for delivery or storage. Done by loading the boxes onto a pallets which is finished by wrapping stretch wrap to make for a single large package to allow for easy movement to either a storage room or straight on to a waiting truck. 

Commonly found in large companies and distribution centres. For example in distribution centres a variety of goods as per the order are loaded onto pallets and finished by either manually or automatically wrapping the pallet with stretch wrap to secure the load for easy transport. Computer systems and conveyors are used in distribution centres as order for a supermarket can range of a huge range of products ensuring the order is complete. 

Logistics is the final stage and is the transporting of the delivery to the intended address and with a time schedule. Some companies have their own fleet and other companies outsource their logistics. Search and find a range of companies providing transport, packaging and logistics services for all types of businesses.

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Karras Cold Logistics

A refrigerated transport company providing cold storage and logistics services covering local, regional and interstate temperature controlled transportation.

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SRH Milk Haulage

Specialised bulk milk transportation across Australia, SRH Milk Haulage business has a fleet of 60 trucks and over 100 specialised milk collection tankers.

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Cold storage, transportation and logistics solutions for chilled goods, frozen goods and speciality temperatures to meet the clients exact requirements.

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Wettenhalls Transport

Australia wide refrigerated, frozen and dry goods transportation and wharf services (import /export, storage and warehousing, DAFF/ quarantine) solutions.

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