Located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States of America

Innovative Commercial Ovens Made in the USA

Ovention is a driven company focused on designing and manufacturing an oven range for the food industry that are made in the USA since 2011 in the state of Wisconsin, owned and operated by the Hatco Corporation.

The oven range includes deck style ovens, conveyors ovens and rotating ovens.

With a commitment to improving products and utilising Precision Impingement® and Decoupled Air and Infrared (IR) technology in the ovens, Ovention has created an oven range to satisfy and provide solutions for food service operations.

Product Range | Matchbox 1718/1313, Matchbox M360 14/12, Shuttle 2000/1200, Conveyor 2600/2000, MiLO® Double/Single


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635 South 28th Street
Wisconsin 53215
United States of America

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