Foodservice outlets must adhere to proper control and monitoring assuring their product is safe and through the proper implementation of monitoring systems, Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) practices and thermometers. Monitoring systems involve temperature probes, logging and monitoring equipment to provide a dependable solution.

Devices using radio frequency identification (RFID) and wireless technologies such as WI-FI offer the ability for the device to talk with the main monitoring system and provide instant information to aid in an accurate response.

With the ability to keep track of your food operation from food refrigeration (ie. if the cool room breakdowns an immediate alarm is initiated saving produce and allowing a quick response to a solution) to sanitised dishwashing monitoring systems that are able to provide essential system information for effective integrated HACCP, traceability compliance and record keeping in maintaining a high level of control and safety. Select from leading monitoring systems, HACCP practices and thermometer companies and maintain safety.

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Wave Industries

Developing innovative measurement and control products for environmental, safety and general industrial applications through to complete turnkey solutions.

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Cutting-edge food safety monitoring systems, from the software and hardware packages to monitor and manage food service operations small and large.

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