Prince Castle

Located in Carol Stream, Illinois, United States of America

Manufacturer of Solutions for the Food Service Industry

Solving and improving food service performance, Prince Castle develops equipment and products to assist kitchen operations. With a focus on designing ease-of-use, quality, reliable and safe products.

Since 1955, Prince Castle’s product range has grown and covers many categories from slicers, cutters and food preparation, dispensers, grill tools, frying equipment, toasters, contact grills, timers, holding bins, organization equipment with a wide range of accessories.

Product Range

Slicers, Cutters & Food Prep | Tomato Saber®, Saber King™, Citrus Saber®, Lettuce Kutlett, Dice Witch, Bagel Saber, Tomato Core-It, Rolling Pin

Frying Equipment And Accessories | Standard Fry Baskets, Fry Baskets with Plastisol Handles, Fryer Cleaning Tool, French Fry Bagging Scoops

Dispensers | Heavy Sauce Dispensers, Pouch-Mate Pouch-Pack Emptying Tool, Dress-Up Butter Spreader, Ketchup & Mustard Dispensers

Grill Tools And Accessories | Scrapers, Polishers and Wipers, Char Brushes, Egg Rings and Egg Forms, Egg Cooker, Grill Tool Sharpener, Meat Presses/Sear Tools

Timers | Single-Function Timers – 740/741 Series, Multi-Display Timers – 740/741 Series, Multi-Display Timers – 755 Series, Multi-Function Timers (North America Versions) – 840 Series

Toasters | Contact Toaster – Slim Line, Batch Bun Toaster, CTS Toaster, Single Chamber Toaster, Rapid Bun Steamer, Release Sheets, Top Mount Bun Dresser

Contact Grills

Dedicated Holding Bins | Dedicated Holding Bins, Optional/Accessories for DHBs Dedicated Holding Bins, Heater Panels

Modular Holding Bins

Organization | Mop & Broom Station, Tuck-a-Notes


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Contact Details

Phone: +1 630-462-8800


Prince Castle
355 East Kehoe Blvd.
Carol Stream
Illinois 60188
United States of America

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