Automatic guided vehicles are used in large facilities where products are required to be processed fast and efficiently. Automatic guided vehicles use computer technology to navigate through facilities from single to multiple floor buildings including using the elevators all without people, apart from the monitoring the system all designed with sensors to avoid running into people, property and stairs.

AGV’s can work 24/7 by automatically returning to the recharge bay, and in turn frees staff to tend to other duties and even reduce the amount of staff. The automatic guided vehicles (AGV’s) can be used in conjunction with meal delivery systems by loading the meal system from a designated loading area by running the AGV under which lifts the meal delivery system off the ground to transport.

The AGV then travels the set path navigating and sensing for obstacles to the final location, once unloaded by staff the AGV returns to the kitchens AGV unloading area. Efficiency is gained with the automatic guided vehicles by scheduling times, monitoring and through the reduced or eliminated manual pushing. 

Automatic guided vehicles usage is not limited to hospitals, this was just an example. Factories are incorporating this units to increase production and once the system is in place can be a sight to watch as they move around very quickly with accuracy to sort, store, get products ready for delivery and much more. Select from a range of leading companies providing automatic guided vehicles a design a custom solution for your business.

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