La Marzocco

Located in Scarperia, Florence, Italy

Commercial Espresso Machines, Grinders, Home Products & Modbar

La Marzocco designs attractive, high quality, reliable, crafted and uniquely designed espresso machines, grinders, home products and supplies the Modbar. 

Distributed across the world, La Marzocco was founded in 1927 in Florence, Italy. In 1939, La Marzocco developed and patented the first coffee machine with a horizontal boiler. Later developments included the dual-boiler system with saturated brewing groups. With a range of 1, 2 and 3 group machines.

Commercial Coffee Products | Espresso Machines (leva, strada, kb90, linea, gb5), Grinders (swift, volcano, swift mini, lux d), Home Products (La Marzocco Home), Modbar (Espresso AV, Espresso EP, Pour-over, Steam)


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Phone: +39 055 849 191


La Marzocco
Florence Italy

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