Extraction systems are designed to remove fumes and collect airborne grease and fats. With a range of ventilation systems the main consideration should be towards the design. An engineered system is designed to run more economical therefore reduces overall running costs and maintenance.

With various designs from a standard extraction canopy designed to sit over the cooking line or to a fully ventilated ceiling configuration, find a solution to meet your needs. Engineered extraction canopies can reduce the overall noise and make for a quieter kitchen by using smaller fans.

Additional advantages are the reduction in the overall air extracted from the kitchen and providing a system with excellent filtration that is easily cleaned. Ventilation systems vary from standard extraction where the supply air is added through an additional separate system designed by the mechanical engineer or via windows. Extraction canopies with supply air (also called make-up air) incorporate an extra air supply added within the canopy. 

Another style of canopy incorporates an ultra violet (UV) system that uses the same technology as the other extraction canopies by adding ultra violet lamps to the process. The UV lamps convert the grease and fats to carbon dioxide and water, further reducing the amount of grease that enters the duct work.

Learn more about how the systems work and find a engineered solution to meet your needs, select from the companies providing ventilated ceilings, ventilation and air extraction canopies systems.

  • Standard Extraction Canopies
  • Extraction Canopies with Make-up Air (Supply Air Systems)
  • Extraction Canopies with Ultra Violet Technology
  • Ventilated Ceilings

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Our team specialises in customised flexible solutions to our customers, with extensive experience in the commercial kitchen industry in Europe and Australia.

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Manufacturers of extraction canopies with supply air and capture jet options, misting canopies, UV canopies, steam/condensate canopies and ceiling canopies.

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