In food industries storing and chilling product requires well designed equipment and systems. In large supermarkets the use of large open refrigeration displays also called in-store refrigeration are used to display large amounts of products from vegetables, fruits, meats to dairy products while providing an excellent environment where the food is stored safely.

Industrial Refrigeration & Coolrooms - Instore, Blast Freezer, Walk-In Cool Rooms & Freezers

In-store refrigeration systems require the latest technology in cooling, an efficient design and are cost effective. In production kitchens large blast chillers are required to handle the vast of amount of product without impacting on production.

From roll-in blast chillers and freezers that can except trolleys and cassette trolleys or walk-in blast chillers and blast freezers available as modular designs providing great flexibility, especially in production kitchens set up for cook-chill operations. 

Finally cool rooms and freezers provide the greatest in flexibility as they are fully customizable to any layout of design, from a 2 metre by 2 metre cool room to a 50 metre by 80 metre cool room, with larger cool rooms the importance of having an engineered design is extremely important to keep a constant evenly distributed temperature to hold or freeze the food product.

Whether a receiving cool room is holding hundreds of meals delivered from a production kitchen or facilities similar to stadiums where bulk amounts of food are required to be stored ahead of time ready for rush (delivery) using the latest in cool room latest technologies will pay for itself. 

Select from leading companies providing of industrial refrigeration solutions from in-store refrigeration, blast freezers to walk-in cool rooms and freezers.

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Scots Ice Australia

Australian importers and distributors of high quality foodservice equipment made in Italy, quality brands you can trust.

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Irinox SpA

Blast chillers and shock freezers, holding cabinets, proofing systems for foodservice, pastry, ice-cream, gastronomy, bread making and catering industry.

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