Grain processing is the method of turning the raw product of grain into a usable product like flour. Beginning with the storage of the grain, the grain is then cleaned ready for milling or degerminating. Once the milling is finished the product is either stored or blended to form a mixture of variations and then stored. Next the product is ready for sifting and bagging.

Grain Mills, Flour Milling to Storage and Bagging

Grain processing systems are designed to meet specific requirements delivering an exceptionally high quality product from raw to finished. Select from leading industrial grain processing equipment companies from across the world. Below is a possible grain processing order of stages.

  1. Product Intake
  2. Pre Clean Systems
  3. Storage
  4. Degermination
  5. Grain Milling & Flour Milling
  6. Blending
  7. Bagging & Loading
  8. Stored ready for sale

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