Block Ice Machines are generally robust, easily maintained, efficient freezing and very reliable equipment. Block ice machines are available as self-contained one-piece units with the tank and refrigerating unit or as remote refrigerated setups. For creating the block of ice for special events, weddings, frozen flowers, coloured blocks (food colourings) or any other type of sculpture.

Find units with quick release moulds, features to assist in the removal of the ice blocks, customised moulds to suit your exact size and weight specifications.

Ice production capacities range from over 100kg (220lb) to 500 kg (1100lb) and more for customised solutions. Times will vary and need to be checked to meet your requirements. Check the recommended operating temperature for maximum productivity as colder temperatures can cause cracking in the blocks and much warmer temperatures slow the freezing cycle.

Ice clarity is especially important for ice sculptures and can vary and when selecting a block ice machines search for units that use such techniques as circulating the water to keep impurities from freezing into the block of ice. The impurities and excess water are then removed from the top of the block prior to final harvest by using a wet and dry vacuum technique. The proper placement of the pump is critical to the clarity of the ice. Each day of the freezing cycle the position of the pump must be relocated to greater assist the clarity of the ice .

Block ice machines can used used for:

  • Caterers
  • Counter ice displays
  • Petrol stations
  • Fishing industry
  • Caravan parks
  • Party ice suppliers
  • Poultry producers
  • Hotels
  • Ice sculptures

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