Irinox SpA

Located in Corbanese TV, Italy

Commercial Blast Chillers & Commercial Shock Freezers

Irinox are manufacturers and innovators producing commercial blast chillers and commercial shock freezers for the foodservice, pastry, ice-cream, gastronomy, confectionery, bread making and catering industries through to industrial sizes operations.

The blast chiller and shock freezer range varies from under counter units, freestanding to large industrial walk-in with varied sizes and capacities, ready to take on the demands of the busiest food service operations.

Founded in 1989, Irinox is an Italian company with a manufacturing facility near Treviso in north eastern Italy. Irinox has continued to invest in research and development to improve the technology and build of the commercial blast chillers and shock freezers range. Irinox machines are distributed to more than 80 countries across the world.

Blast chilling (shock freezing) has many advantages that include: Larger quantities of food can be purchased reducing food costs, increased shelf life - food quality is preserved for up to three times longer naturally with no preservatives and reduces food waste.

Sectors | Foodservice, Pastry, Ice-Cream, Gastronomy, Bread Making, Catering Industry 

Products | Blast chillers and shock freezers, Holding cabinets, Proofing system


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Irinox SpA
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