Making frozen drinks? Granita machines are the machine to do just that. Used in bars to make frozen cocktails and service stations for slushies. Granita machines can be either manual or automatic where the syrup mixture and water are connected to provide a continuous production. 

Granita machines turn water into a semi-frozen state that is continually mixed with the syrup to form the icy drink. With settings on the machine to vary the thickness of the mixture and night modes for when the shop in closed. Granita machines are a great addition for service stations to bars with their ease of operation. Select from a range of leading granita machine, slush machine and cocktail machine companies.

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Snow Flow

Slushy machines, frozen daiquiri machines, soft serve / frozen yoghurt machines, fairy floss machines, popcorn machines, chocolate fountains, juice dispensers,

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Coffee brewers, iced tea brewers, hot water coffee and tea dispensers, coffee grinders, automatic machine range, frozen beverage and gelato machines.

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Australian Slush Machines

A wholesaler of slush granita cocktail machines, frozen yogurt and ice cream machines and golden turmeric and chai latte, chocolate and coffee mix powders.

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