Hobart Food Australia (a division of ITW Limited Company)

Located in Silverwater, New South Wales, Australia

Commercial Cooking Equipment, Warewashers & Food Preparation Machines

A market leader in commercial catering equipment, Hobart Food Australia manufacturers cooking equipment, warewashing machines and food preparation equipment for small to large food service industry operations.

Hobart Food Australia is a full service business and supports its products with servicing and parts across Australia.

Hobart Food Australia is constantly developing and implements technological processes to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Equipment Categories

Warewashing | Glasswashers, Undercounter Dishwashers, Passthrough Dishwashers, Utensil Washers, Rack Conveyors, Flight Type Dishwashers, Water Treatment, Waste Disposers, Tabling Systems, Hydroline RO Systems, Dishwasher Racks

Cooking | Hobart Ecocombi, Hobart Combi, Hobart Combi-Plus, Hobart Combi-Mini

Food Prep | Mixers, Slicers, Peelers, Cutter Mixer, Food (Bowl) Cutter


Contact Details, Social Media & Updates

Contact Details

Phone: +61 2 9714 0200


Hobart Food Australia (a division of ITW Limited Company)
Unit 1/2 Picken Street
New South Wales 2128

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