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Gustare Honey is a new premium mono-floral honey brand, supplying honey produced by artisan beekeepers from Australia’s pristine natural wilderness. Our honeys are completely natural and are only filtered once to retain their health and well-being properties. Our bees are never exposed to chemical or antibiotics, increasing their natural resistance and health, to provide a more tasty, purer honey. Our honey products range in flavour from delicate, mild to rich and strong. Each variety is produced seasonally in its own provenance and distinctive terroir, resulting in a truly unique product. In partnership with Italian company Apicoltura Casentinese, Gustare presents the Lucy Dispenser - a simple-to-use, portion-controlled condiments dispenser - to the HORECA sector. The dispenser offers cost savings of up to 60% on other condiment serving options, drastically reduces time and waste compared with conventional packaging options, and brings an elegance to the market. It is available with Gustare's delicious raw Australian Eucalyptus honeys and Italian fruit jams and Hazelnut cream. Gustare Honey is also available in a variety of premium retailers, health food stores, Delicatessens, artisan stores. on-line retailers and food markets across the UK, EU, Australia and Asia.
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Lucy Dispenser for hotels and cafes

The unique design of Gustare Honey's Lucy Dispenser allows accurate 8g portion dispensed measures at 50% of the cost of sachets or jars. There is less waste and theft from buffet, and the risk of contamination is eliminated. It's a game changer for hotel buffets. We offer a range of high quality Australian honey, jam, marmalade, hazelnut creme, savoury sauces, and other condiments in easy to change 960g refills for the Dispensers, for use at breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets. The elegant design of the Dispensers will complement the style and functionality of hotel buffet venues. The Lucy Dispensers are offered 'free-on-loan' to hotels and clubs, with weekly or monthly resupplies of condiment refills at a modest MOQ level. Contact us if you would like to trial a sample Lucy Dispenser and condiment refills at your hotel and we will arrange immediate delivery.

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