Equipment designed for uses in burger shops to meat processing plants, production bakeries to egg processing plants, find a range of food forming machines and separating equipment designed to deliver. Food forming equipment such as meat formers and patties formers are designed to save time and create consistency for a range of thicknesses and shapes. Meat grinders and mincers similarly create a uniform product and are available in a range of capacities from use in butcher shops to processing plants.

Food Forming Machine (Meat) & Separating Equipment (Eggs)

Separating equipment is generally designed for eggs. This equipment is designed to break and separate the shell from the egg white and yolk, a great addition for chocolate factories and bakeries. Select from leading companies of food forming machine and separating equipment to deliver the results you require.

  • Meat Forming
  • Grinders / Mincers
  • Eggs Separator

STOK Food Equipment

STOK Food Equipment

Commercial sous vide machines, catering equipment, food preparation and food packaging equipment for the foodservice industry.

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