Located in Pieve di Curtarolo PD, Italy

Food Processing Machines Manufacturer

Sirman is an Italian food processing machine manufacturer, designing and supplying equipment internationally. Sirman offers a wide product range for the retail, meat processing and commercial kitchen sectors.

A well-organized company supplying over 100 countries, focused on building reliable, durable innovative solutions for all types of food businesses from bars, restaurants, cafes, pizzerias, commercial kitchens, butcheries to supermarkets.

With a dedicated research and development department, Sirman is constantly listening to the ever changing client needs and expanding the equipment lines to meet these requirements.

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Bar groups, Barbecue, Blast chillers, Blenders, Bone saws, Bowl cutters, Buffet plates, Charcuterie seasoner, Cheese graters, Citrus juicers, Coffee grinders, Convection oven, Conveyor toasters, Crepe maker, Digital thermometer, Displayer, Dough mixers, Drink mixers, Dryer, Fryers, Hamburger presses, Hand held mixer, Horizontal cutter, Hot dog warmers, Ice crusher, Induction hob, Machines for cooking, Meat grinders, Meat grinders / graters, Meat grinders / mixers, Meat mixers, Microwave ovens, Microwaves accessories, Pacojet, Panini grills, Pasta cooker, Pasta machines, Pizza oven, Pizza shovels, Pizza warmer, Planetary mixers, Potato peelers, Refrigerated meat grinders, Rice cooker, Rolling machines, Salamanders, Sandwich toasters, Sausage stuffers, Scales, Sealer, Semi-professional blender, Shell washer, Slicers, Slow juicers, Softcooker, Sterilizers, Tenderizer, Trolleys, working tables, shelves, Vacuum packaging machines, Vegetable-cutter, Washing, Wine cooler, Wrapping machines, Wurstell cutters


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Phone: +39 049 969 8666


Viale dell'Industria, 9,
Pieve di Curtarolo PD Italy

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