Located in Musile di Piave VE, Italy

Commercial Vacuum Packing, Tray Thermosealing & Sous Vide Cooking Equipment

Orved is focused on innovation and has been since 1984. Producing a wide range of home-use vacuum packing machines, commercial vacuum packing machines, tray thermosealing machines, vacuum bags and sous vide cooking equipment.

The vacuum packing machine range is vast with domestic units, small commercial units to counter and free standing models in various chambers sizes. The SV Thermo is Orved’s sous vide cooking system. The thermosealing machines line seals food trays and is available in many styles and sizes. 

Orved produces cutting-edge machinery using the latest in technology with great performance to provide quality equipment to meet the demands of busy kitchens around the world.

Home-Use Vacuum Packing Machines | Eco vacuum, Vacuum family

Professional Vacuum Packing Machines | Cuisson line - vertical chamber, Bright line - vacuum chamber machines, Vm line - vacuum packing machines, Evox line - small size, External vacuum line

Cooking line | Sous Vide Cooking - SV Thermo

Tray Thermosealing Machines | Thermosealing line

Vacuum Bags | Smooth vacuum bags, Channelled vacuum bags, Cooking vacuum bags, Vacuum bags kit

Vacuum Cooking Accessories


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Phone: +39 0421 54387


Via dell'Artigianato, 30, 30024
Musile di Piave VE Italy

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