From kitchens, test kitchens, laboratories and other outlets choose from a variety of food packaging machines, vacuum packaging and weighing equipment. Find weighing equipment with models that are very specific with a precision of .0001 gram increment measurements, used in food testing kitchens or models which require less precise measuring, such as 1 gram increments that are similar to the scales found in delicatessens and butchers shops. Weight scales can also have features to calculate the cost of the sale. 

With vacuum packaging equipment from non-chamber models to chamber models in which you place the bagged item into the chamber and the machines does the rest. The model of choice will depend on the type of products being vacuum sealed, especially when liquids are to be sealed.

Select from a variety of companies providing food packaging machines, vacuum packaging and weighing equipment.

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Brice Australia

Equipment supplier of meat processing and kitchen equipment, slicers, food processing, scales/weighing, wrapping, packaging, ovens, grills, Berkel and more.

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An Italian food processing machine manufacturer of equipment for bars, restaurants, cafes, pizzerias, commercial kitchens, butcheries to supermarkets.

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Innovators of home-use and commercial vacuum packing machines, tray thermosealing machines, vacuum bags and sous vide cooking equipment.

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GAM International

Italian manufactures of cooking, ware washing, food processing, meat processing, pizza preparation, refrigeration, snack and bar equipment.

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Terra Slate Paper

TerraSlate is a leading provider of rip proof and waterproof paper in the United States.

STOK Food Equipment

STOK Food Equipment

Commercial sous vide machines, catering equipment, food preparation and food packaging equipment for the foodservice industry.

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