Food preparation equipment involves a variety of food processing equipment that are designed to quickly and easily cut, dice, mix, process meat, blend and combine a range of foods. 

Preparation equipment includes microwaves, convection microwaves, slicing and peeling equipment, washing (ie. vegetables and fruit), drying to weighing scales through to food packaging equipment.

With a large array of products finding the right equipment depends on your needs. Use a microwave a lot then opt for a microwave designed for high daily use, not all microwaves are created equal. What ever your need is speak with the experts and find the iedal product your are after.

  • Food Processors
  • Meat Processing Equipment
  • Food Blending, Blenders, Homogenizing & Emulsifying
  • Commercial Microwave, Slicing & Peeling Equipment
  • Vegetable Preparation Equipment
  • Food Packaging & Weighing

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Australia’s leading national choice for commercial kitchen equipment, commercial catering equipment, restaurant equipment & commercial bakery equipment.

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Our team specialises in customised flexible solutions to our customers, with extensive experience in the commercial kitchen industry in Europe and Australia.

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International Catering Equipment

Importers and suppliers of commercial kitchen equipment from such brands as Anvil, Hamilton Beach, Inomak, Mecnosud, Nemco, Orved, Sayl and Skymsen

STOK Food Equipment

STOK Food Equipment

Commercial sous vide machines, catering equipment, food preparation and food packaging equipment for the foodservice industry.

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