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Induction Warming, Cooking & Heated Delivery Systems

CookTek® creates a range of induction equipment for cooking, warming and meal delivery by offering portable solutions for the food service industry. Found across the world, CookTek® has been innovating since 1994. 

The CookTek® Induction Cooking range heats and cooks food quickly and evenly, as well as being energy efficient and easy to clean. The product range consists of various type of equipment from FaHeater (heat cast iron skillets), one-burner cooktops, plancha, ranges, stock pot and two-burner cooktops.

The CookTek® Induction Warming & Holding range maintains a constant temperature to warm and hold food, especially useful in front of house and self-serve setups. The range consists of hidden and drop-in units from Incogneeto (hidden), Silenzio (drop-in), SinAqua (drop-in), SinAqua Souper (drop-in), SinAqua Souper (freestanding)

The CookTek® Induction Delivery range consists of a Pizza Delivery System and the ThermaCube, that works to retain heat, keeping food hot and fresh.

CookTek® offers a range of cookware and accessories to compliment the product line and to help their clients achieve great results and to make the most from the equipment.

Induction Cooking | FaHeater, One-burner Cooktops, Plancha, Ranges, Stock Pot, Two-burner Cooktops

Induction Warming & Holding | Incogneeto, Silenzio, SinAqua, SinAqua Souper (Drop-in), SinAqua Souper (Freestanding)

Induction Delivery | Pizza Delivery System, ThermaCube

Cookware & Accessories | Delivery Bags, Cookware, Pans, Sauce Pans, Pots, Inserts, Natural Convection Tray 


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