Meal delivery systems are highly specialised equipment and offer perfect results in providing heated and chilled meals on one tray (half and half). Meal delivery systems are commonly used in larger institutions where breakfast, lunch and dinner are served such as in hospitals.

Generally the system uses a divided section with a designed food tray to have a hot and cold section used in cook-serve and cook-chill operations. One side for food regeneration (heated) and the other side for cooling the food. 

Meal delivery systems can be combined with an automated guided vehicle (AGV) system. The system turns the meal delivery trolleys into an automated system where the AGV collects the meal delivery trolley and using computer technology self-guides to the predetermined drop off area, where staff deliver the meals to the patrons. The AGV is able to navigate multi storey buildings and use elevators.

The only time staff handle the AVG is in the kitchen and at the destination point. This frees staff saving on labour and since the meal delivery trolleys are heavy, this saves on physical strain where occupational health and safety risks could reside.

  • Meal Delivery Systems
  • Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV)

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Innovators and creators of induction equipment for cooking and warming of food and meal delivery systems - portable equipment for the food service industry.

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