Located in Landsberg am Lech, Germany

Innovative Commercial Combi Ovens & Cooking Systems

RATIONAL is at the forefront of making commercial cooking equipment from combi steamer ovens and cooking systems with all units made and Europe.  The RATIONAL combi steamer oven range in produced in Germany and the VarioCookingCenter® developed and produced in France. 

Starting in 1973 RATIONAL has had the goal of producing top quality cooking equipment and works to innovative and improves further on the product lines. Ensuring the quality of the equipment each machine is checked by four different employees before shipment.

RATIONAL invests into research and development and through a team of food scientists, chefs, development engineers and physicists who work together to continually innovate and improve the RATIONAL equipment line.

Combi Steamer Sizes – 6 tray 2/3 gastronorm pan, 6 tray 1/1 gastronorm pan, 10 tray 1/1 gastronorm pan, 10 tray 2/1 gastronorm pan, 20 tray 1/1 gastronorm pan, 20 tray 2/1 gastronorm pan. Certain units can be stacked such as the 6 tray 1/1 gastronorm pan + 10 tray 1/1 gastronorm pan,

Accessories range from integrated condensate and extraction hoods, stands, stacking kits, trolleys, pans and much more.

Products | VarioCookingCenter® - boiling, frying, deep frying, SelfCookingCenter® - combi steamer ovens, CombiMaster® Plus - combi steamer ovens & CombiMaster® - combi steamer ovens


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