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Showing Food At Its Best - Festivé Specialises In High Performance Food Display Cabinetry

With over 20 years in the business, Festivé offers the most extensive range of food display cabinets on the market today and an unrivaled custom build capability that can meet exact customer needs. Festivé represents stylish design, robust build and reliable performance, the three key requirements for discerning buyers of food display cabinetry. Leading the industry with its innovative design and technology, all Festivé cabinets are designed to minimise frame and maximise glass, ensuring customers view more of the product displayed inside and that food is shown off at its absolute best. Festivé continues to invest heavily in R&D to bring exciting new products to market.
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Our focus is towards - design, innovation, customisation and quality. With over 20 years of making all type of food displays that are robust, unrivaled customisation through to joinery solutions that integrate with its cabinets, providing a one-stop solution for all your food display needs. All cabinets are manufactured in New Zealand and we provide outstanding support and service to its many customers, backed up by a comprehensive network of sales agents, skilled trades people, and a commitment to prompt delivery of spare parts.

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The Avon (Drop-in) Range

This range of architecturally designed frameless cabinets is ideal for high-end patisserie or delicatessen style displays. The UV bonded, single-glazed glass canopy creates a jewellery box look that gives unobstructed viewing of displayed food and draws customers in.

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The Devon Range

A stylish counter top cabinet designed to maximise display area, show food with style, and maintain food at the highest quality. With six models to choose from and six length options the Devon range offers incredible choice and flexibility for counter line-ups.

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The Cornwall Range

A designer bench top cabinet with frameless curved glass that displays food at its best. With five models and six length options the Cornwall offers great choice for creating a stunning food display counter.

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The Regent Range

At just over a meter high this elegant serve-over cabinet is designed to provide maximum interaction between staff and customers. With its minimalist frame and glass top the Regent cabinet displays food at its finest.

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The York Range

A classy serve-over cabinet range that maximises height and display area, while still allowing interaction between staff and customers. The York is unrivaled for the capacity it holds at this popular height of 1.4 meters. With its framed top and front glass, and minimalist frame this cabinet makes displayed food stand out.

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The Tower Range

Standing over 1.7 meters tall the Tower is a magnificent cabinet designed for maximum visual impact and floor space utilisation. Available in chilled, heated and ambient options this cabinet is great for displaying all types of food and beverage products.

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The Lincoln Range

The Lincoln cabinet adds a designer look to any food service environment. The frameless curved glass front of this elegant cabinet gives impressive visual impact and provides an unobstructed view of the displayed food.

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The Baker Range

A fully integrated self-serve cabinet range that makes an impact in any location and allows displayed food to simply look great. With the base raised to 700mm, front and rear sliding doors, an integrated tray race with inset tong holder and bag holder; these cabinets are ideal for high traffic bakeries and cafeterias designed around self-service.

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The Somerset Range

This range of designer drop in cabinets deliver style and elegance to any buffet or food court environment. With five models and five canopy styles to choose from this Somerset range offers great flexibility to create a food service offering with a difference.


Mark Caplin

National Sales Manager at Festivé Australia

Located in Baulkham Hills, NSW, Australia
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