Located in Queensland, Australia

Non-Toxic, Healthy, Sustainable & Durable Cookware

SOLIDTEKNICS are cookware innovators, and have developed seamless 1-piece wrought pans available in two ranges AUS-ION™ and nöni™ that are all made in Australia. Developed to work together on any heat source from induction, gas, ceramic, halogen and electric cooktops as well as the oven and open fire cooking. The product range includes sauteuse pans, rondeau pans, skillets, crêpe pan (skillet-lid), wok, sauce pans and baking sheets.

SOLIDTEKNICS cookware is designed with quality, ingenuity and integrity to offer products that perform, are healthy and non-toxic, sustainable and are very durable. All cookware are solid rivetless 1-piece construction, resulting in no loose handles and no food trapping around rivet heads.


AUS-ION™ | Everyday use cookware, wrought iron 1-piece construction, renewable non-stick with about half the weight of cast iron. 

nöni™ ferritic | Everyday use cookware, 1-piece construction wrought stainless cookware that offers excellent conductivity, is low maintenance and incredibly durable. 


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