Mundial Inc.

Located in Foxboro, Massachusetts, United States of America

Professional & Forged Knives & Cutlery, Cooking Accessories, Scissors & Shears

Mundial are designers and manufacturers of professional knives (cutlery), forged knives (cutlery), honing oils, sharpening steels, sharpening stones, bone removal pliers, spatulas, flippers, pizza cutters, garnish sets, knife cases, knife racks and magnetic bars, cutting boards, carving forks, retail and industrial scissors and shears, beauty and personal care implements.

Mundial creates the range based around strength, durability, design, comfort and value by merging traditional craftsmanship and modern technology.

A commitment to quality, each Mundial unit upon completion is tested for sharpness, durability and accuracy and is backed by a full lifetime guarantee against defects in materials, workmanship and construction.

Originally established in Germany in 1931, Mundial S.A. is located in Brazil and develops and manufactures over 95% of the product range. Mundial Inc. handles the North American marketing, sales and distribution.

Product Range

Professional knives (cutlery), forged knives (cutlery) and cooking accessories from bone removal pliers, spatulas, flippers, pizza cutters, garnish sets, carving forks, knife cases, knife racks, magnetic knife bars, cutting boards, honing oils, sharpening steels to sharpening stones

Retail and industrial scissors and shears

Beauty and personal care implements


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Mundial Inc.
132 Central Street, Suite 215
Massachusetts 02035
United States of America

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