Knives are a chef’s companion and finding the right knife or set is focused around the quality, comfortable feel, strength and sharpness of the blade. Chef knives are available in many widths and lengths for chef to home cooks and can be selected individually or in complete sets with a knife block. 

Find knives from forged, stamped, ceramic and hallow edge blades with various handle finishes including stainless steel or a certain style or origin commonly noted with German and Japanese knives.

Chef's are very proud of their knives and it will all depend on the use and the price point. Select from a range of brands and companies providing high quality professional knives.

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Mundial Inc.

Manufacturers of professional knives (cutlery), forged knives (cutlery), honing oils, sharpening steels, sharpening stones, accessories and kitchen wares.

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Shun - fine kitchen knives handcrafted in Japan and Kai Housewares - professional kitchen knives, high quality knives for chef’s and commercial kitchens.

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German forged knives knife sets, cleaver, shears, knife sharpening steel, knife storage, gadgets and spatulas, cutting blocks and Asian/Chinese knife sets.

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