Fildes Food Safety

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Fildes Food Safety

The Fildes name has become well-renowned and trusted throughout the industry for our premium quality food labelling solutions. In addition, we provide a wide range of durable and reliable kitchen implements which further contribute to improved food safety practices and reduce incidents of food poisoning while also enhancing the efficiency of food and beverage operations.

Fildes Food Safety’s products and services are designed to satisfy the demands of commercial kitchens to help maintain and improve your reputation in a number of ways including:

• Facilitating more streamlined processes
• Clearly communicating vital food information
• Reducing the danger of cross-contamination
• Protecting allergy sufferers from potentially serious adverse reactions
• Protecting the general public against the risk of debilitating food poisoning

Our extensive range of products includes a wide variety of equipment to help kitchens establish and maintain an effective food safety culture, all of which are developed with these key safety concerns at the centre of everything we do.

• Food thermometers are an indispensable tool for ensuring food is within the correct safe temperature range throughout cooking, storage and transportation. They can also help prevent food from entering the food safety ‘danger zone’ which allows for bacteria to grow most rapidly. A good-quality  Fridge Freezer Thermometer, for example, can be checked periodically  to help reduce food safety risks by monitoring your equipment to ensure it is maintaining the appropriate temperature levels: below 5°C for fridges and -18°C for freezers.
• Food safety labels help to quickly and clearly communicate key safety information at a glance, including use-by dates, allergen information and food preferences such as 'vegetarian' and ‘vegan’.
• Colour Coded Chopping Boards utilise an easy to follow, instantly recognisable colour coding system, making it effortless for all employees to implement and follow the kitchen rules and avoid cross-contamination. 
• Commercial food and storage containers  prevent the spread of airborne illnesses, guard against contaminants such as dust and insects and also help eliminate the risk of cross-contamination
• Food safety posters serve as a convenient point of reference and a constant reminder to staff of the importance of food safety procedures such as e.g.  Food Storage Temperature Chart

For all of your food safety needs contact one of our friendly team  on 1800 673 644 or send us an email via You can also view the full product range by visiting our  online store.

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Fildes Food Safety
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