Ambient displays are used to showcase your products well to appeal to people and provide a sellable product. There are two types of displays from standard ambient displays to an ambient display with a controlled environment. Choose from sloped or flat shelf designs with standard lighting or with LED lighting. Outer designs range from square, angled and curved profiles and inserts to the suit interior design of the food service operation.

Ambient displays with a controlled environment are different to standard ambient displays due the ability to main a controlled temperature.  For example between 15-17 degrees Celsius or 59–63 degrees Fahrenheit with an number of open close door operations per hour. Usually built with toughened double glazed glass to achieve a high efficiency design and maximize viewing exposure. An option for a self-contained or remote version to suit the application.  

With a range of companies providing different lengths, depths, heights, profiles and quality. With an array of additional options available to suit any shop front. Select from leading ambient food display and merchandising food display companies for the best solution to merchandise your product.

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Festivé specialises in high performance food display cabinetry. Minimalist framing, uncluttered interiors and elegant design allow Festivé cabinets to maximise.

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Specialist manufacturer of robust temperature controlled food display solutions with a strong emphasis on temperature compliance, performance and efficiency.

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