Cool Rooms and freezers are essential in the foodservice industry. Compared to a refrigerator, cool rooms offer more flexibility, more storage space and with the ability to be walk in to store trolleys and pallets or built on top of the slab with a step up or with a ramp. Used in kitchens, bottle shops to industrial food production sites cool rooms provide excellent holding temperatures, are designed and customised to exact lengths, widths and heights for any sized room with the option of choosing between sliding and hinged doors.

Modular cool rooms are available in a range of sizes offering easy construction and installation and are great for new and old facilities.

Cool rooms can be setup with a monitoring system to provide complete temperature monitoring ensuring your product is kept at a stable and optimal temperature. Select from leading companies specialising cool room and modular cool rooms equipment and supplies.

  • Customised Cool Rooms & Freezers
  • Premade Modular Cool Rooms & Freezers

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Scots Ice Australia

Australian importers and distributors of high quality foodservice equipment made in Italy, quality brands you can trust.

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Williams Refrigeration

Commercial refrigeration manufacturer of front of house displays, upright and counter cabinets, back bar units, bakery, blast chillers, pizza prep and more.

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