Condensers are used in refrigeration from self-contained units and remote units that are connected to a refrigeration plant. From ice machines, counter refrigeration, bar displays, blast chillers to cool rooms and freezers condensers are required. Condensers involves the process of heat transfer which condenses the substance from a gaseous state to a liquid state, in the case of refrigeration the latent heat is then transferred to the refrigerant and the refrigerant is then cooled by the condenser providing refrigeration.

Condensers - Cool Rooms, Freezer, Refrigeration & Blast Chillers Condensing Units

Condensers are available and engineered to suit are range of applications from a single refrigerator or ice machine to service an entire food court. Self-contained refrigeration is where the unit is designed with the condenser and the cabinet as one unit. The advantage is a portable unit and lower upfront costs than a remote system. 

With a remote refrigeration design, the condensers are setup in a refrigeration plant and the refrigeration units are connected via refrigeration lines. An advantage of remote refrigeration is the heat generated from the condenser is not added into the workspace. Although more cost is associated in the initial construction phase the condensers located in a plant room or designated space the systems should have more air circulation leading to better ventilation to breathe can lead to a long term cost saving. Select from a range of condensers for cool rooms, refrigerators, freezers to blast chillers.

  • Air Cooled Condensing Units
  • Water Cooled Condensing Units
  • Semi-Hermetic Condensers
  • Hermetic Condensers

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