Located in 88348 Bad Saulgau, Germany

Professional Dry Aging Fridge

Create your own dry aged beef, pork, ham and salami with the professional dry aging fridge, the DRY AGER®. The DRY AGER® can also be used to make of charcuterie, air dryed cured ham and other meats, and storing cheese.

Developed and produced in Germany protected with 5 patents and crafted to provide a timeless modern design. The dry aging fridge ages meat at a humidity of around 85 % and a temperature of 2 °C 

The key benefits include - Temperature can be controlled with 0.1 °C increments. Humidity can be controlled between 60% and 90% with 0.1 % increments The DX AirReg® system offers a perfect microclimate, an ideal airflow and continuous sterilization inside. The drying fridge does not require a water supply due to the integrated HumiControl® system. The tinted glass door protects the products from the harmful influence of UV light. The DX 1000® is the first dry aging fridge to combine activated carbon filter with an active UVC-ventilated-disinfection system sterilizing all of the air in the fridge.

Models - DRY AGER DX 500 & DRY AGER DX 1000


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