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Located in Sefton, NSW, Australia

Winterhalter is a Specialist in Commercial Warewashing and Dishwashing Systems.

Winterhalter is the specialist in commercial warewashing systems with perfect cleaning results guaranteed from our range of dishwashers as well as offering a variety of cleaning products, water treatment devices and racks. Winterhalter products are characterised by their innovation, efficiency, ease of use and the results delivered to professional kitchens for decades.

All over the world, the complete spectrum of food service and catering facilities have come to rely on the Winterhalter name and its warewashing products.

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Winterhalter Australia
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Winterhalter was founded in 1947 by Karl Winterhalter in Friedrichshafen, Southern Germany. Today, Jürgen and Ralph Winterhalter, the son and grandson of the founder, run the family company. With over 1200 employees worldwide, the owner-operated company is one of the global players in the commercial kitchen industry.

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Under Counter Warewashers (UC Series)

UC Series under counter warewashers leave nothing to be desired.
The UC Series of under counter warewashers are available as glass, dish, bistro or cutlery washers in sizes S, M, L and XL.

With three standard wash programmes available that automatically adjust according to the degree of soiling and the type of item being washed. You can rely on a warewasher which is optimally adjusted to your individual needs. Perfect cleaning results are guaranteed.

You can tailor the machine even further with additional equipment options. The UC Series - an economical solution for brilliant cleaning results.

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Pass-Through Dishwashers (PT Series)

Brilliant, fast and efficient cleaning, the PT Series pass-through dishwashers guarantee perfect cleaning results in the shortest time thanks to their innovative features. Additionally, these machines provide maximum efficiency in the kitchen. The PT Series machines offer many features and options and can be optimally adapted to your requirements.

The innovative design of the PT Series machines guarantees top performance for perfect cleaning results - brilliant, fast and efficient.

Depending on the wash items, available space and individual needs, a choice can be made from the machine models PT-M, PT-L, PT-XL and PT-500.

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Utensil Washers

Maximum wash power your perfect results, the utensil washers are available range from the UF Series and the 630.
All of our machines deliver hygienically perfect cleaning results, are ergonomic and easy to handle and save valuable energy.

The powerful utensil washers of the UF Series and GS 630 are the perfect choice for your kitchen equipment. Depending on your available space and the items to be washed, you can choose between the smallest utensil washer of the world, the GS 630 or the new UF-M, UF-L or UF-XL with various innovative features.

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Rack Conveyor Dishwashers STR and MTR Series

Rack conveyor machines deliver high performance for a large numbers of items. Rack conveyor machines provide high performance wash solutions for hotels, foodservice and institutional catering.

The rack conveyor systems deliver the greatest efficiency, complete hygiene and perfect wash results combined with high performance washing and superior filtration system and economical consumption levels. The flexibility of the machines ensures they can be adjusted to match your wash volume and special constraints in your washing area.

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Flight-Type Dishwashers STF and MTF Series

Flight-type dishwashers offer the perfect dishwashing solutions for the professional kitchen.
Winterhalter flight-type dishwashers offer you optimal wash solutions for large restaurants, hotels, canteens and medical environments.

These highly engineered conveyor machines with optimised rinse system and item activation control zone, guarantees economical consumption and maximum efficiency. A high performance wash system ensures large load sizes are washed hygienically and perfectly clean, in the shortest possible time.

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