Sammic S.L.

Located in 20720 Azkoitia, Gipuzkoa, Spain

Commercial Food Equipment | Food Preparation Equipment & Ware Washing

Beginning in 1961, Sammic is posed around developing, manufacturing and commercialising ware washing, food preparation, food preservation and sous-vide, snack bar and pizzeria equipment for the food service industry. 

The Sammic range is always evolving as changes in the marketplace take place, equipment needs to fill these new areas. Sammic actively works to fulfill new requirements as they arise in the food industry marketplace and provides training and consultancy services to users and dealers.

Ware washing

Commercial Glasswashers, Commercial Dishwashers, Pass-Through Dishwashers, Rack conveyor dishwashers, Pot Washers, Utensil Washers, Cutlery Dryers, Industrial sinks, Industrial taps, Trolleys, Stainless steel bins

Dynamic Preparation

Commercial Potato Peelers, Commercial Salad Spinners, Hand operated Potato Chipping Machine, Commercial Vegetable Preparation Machines, Food Processor / Veg Prep Combi Machines, Cutter-Mixers & Emulsifiers, Commercial Hand Blenders, Turbo Liquidisers, Planetary mixers, Spiral dough mixers, Pizza Dough Roller Machine, Baguette-slicers, Commercial Scales, Commercial Meat Grinders, Belt Driven Slicers, Gear driven Slicers, Bone saws, Hamburger press, Commercial Can Opener

Food Preservation and Sous-Vide

Vacuum packing machines – “Sensor” line, Vacuum packing machines – “Sensor Ultra” line, Commercial vacuum packing machines – EXT line, Sous-vide cookers, Blast Chillers, Container Thermo-Sealer

Snack Bar and Pizzeria

Commercial Orange Juicers, Multi Juicers, Drinks mixer, Commercial Blenders, Ice crusher/blender, Milk heaters, Soup kettles, Filter coffee machines, Hot drinks dispenser, Microwave Ovens, Toasters, Salamander grills, Pancake machines, Gyros / kebab burners, Pizza ovens, Commercial Fryers, Commercial Grills, Hand washbasins, Bain maries, Knife sterilisers (Germicidal UV Lamp), Work tables, Cupboards, Wall shelves, Trolleys, Gastronorm containers


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Contact Details

Phone: +34 943 15 72 36


Sammic S.L.
Basarte Industrialdea, 1,
20720 Azkoitia
Gipuzkoa Spain

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