Powered soak sinks are used in wash up areas for breaking up toughened grease and build up on pans by using velocity water jets to maintain a constant motion of heated water with a foaming soap action. Powered soak sinks are ideally used for hard to clean pots, pans, utensils, extraction hood filters and anything else from plastics to metals.

The system virtually eliminates the need of manual hand scrubbing by the gentle action of continuous water force. Soak sink systems can be versatile from having tank dividers to separate the tank to handle different tasks and sizes or the option to use the entire sink area. Look for powered soak sink systems that offer higher velocity sections to provide a more flexible system especially for items like cooking utensils.

Hot Water booster heaters work by boosting water temperatures to a desired temperature, 82 degrees Celsius is the required temperature to sanitise and kill bacteria as well and the added benefit to remove any remaining dishware residue. With a variety of options hot water booster heaters offer great value to existing and new installations. Select from a variety leading powered soak sink and hot water boost equipment solutions to meet your requirements.

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