Wood fired ovens and gas fired ovens are used in a range of applications as well as being a main focal point in restaurants and pizzerias. Wood and gas fired ovens are used to cook pizza, breads, roasts, focaccias and much more. The concept and design of the oven is to retain their heat and provide an extremely hot cooking surface and environment providing great results and quick turnaround cooking time.

The section also covers tandoor ovens that are used for traditional Indian cooking and Shawarma used for the cooking of doner kebabs. Select from wood fired ovens, gas fired ovens, tandoor ovens to a range of specialty equipment.

  • Wood fired ovens
  • Gas fired ovens
  • Electric stone hearth ovens
  • Pizza ovens
  • Tandoors
  • Shawarma (doner kebab)
  • Custom-made ovens
  • Churasco Grill

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Wildpyre are manufacturers of Argentinian style Asado Parilla Grills, Chapa/griddle plate, fire tables and more, located in the United Kingdom.

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Semak Australia

Foodservice equipment supplier of blenders, charcoal cooking equipment, coffee equipment, combi ovens, rotisseries, small appliances, tandoor ovens and more.

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Manufacturer of commercial ovens from convection ovens, combi ovens, rotating rack ovens, hydrovection ovens, ventless ovens, deck ovens and steam equipment.

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Zesti Woodfired Ovens

Manufacturers of wood fired ovens, alfresco kitchens, bbq’s, commercial customised solutions (electrical assist ovens pizza and vertical gyros/kebab machine).

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GAM International

Italian manufactures of cooking, ware washing, food processing, meat processing, pizza preparation, refrigeration, snack and bar equipment.

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