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Australian Importers And Distributors Of The Worlds Most Beautiful Rotisseries By French Manufacture

These are the words we use as the guiding principles when we are evaluating new products to represent; Reliability, performance, quality, efficiency, and innovation. The principle upon which we consider a new brand, or a new product to represent, is to identify whether or not the product and the manufacturer/parent company share similar values to that of Creative Commercial. After sales service is as important to us as the initial sale itself. With many repeat clientele already using Rotisol products for over a decade in Australia, testimonials from our repeat clientele are the evidence of our commitment to not only supplying, but supporting our products for as long as you own them. Constant referrals and ‘word of mouth’ recommendations are a priceless form of marketing for us.
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With a focus on fresh ideas and creative product development, and our commitment to service, our aim is to continue providing new and innovative products to complement our range, and to the benefit of the Australian foodservice industry. We don’t operate glitzy showrooms full of polished rotisseries. Instead we refer prospective customers to the hoards of Creative Commercial existing clienteles businesses where you can see for yourself the Rotisol products in use on a daily basis, and speak to the owners. The team at Creative Commercial bring diverse skills to bear. We have a vast collective of experience in; commercial catering equipment, general business management, financial management, cooking, hospitality facility design & specification, as well as the technology sector.

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Our premium gas Rotisol rotisseries with full AGA approval (#8160). Customisable with options from basic stainless steel finishes, to the premium lux enamelled finish. Capacities from 4-48 birds. Available in gas or electric. Rotisseries from this range are the highest selling range in Australia due to their robust design, attractive looks and flexibility in function. The optional vertical spit solution allows even more creative cooking solutions.

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Our electric supermarket batch radiant Rotisol rotisseries. This is the rotisserie preferred by CarreFour, Le Clerc and other premium super market brands around the globe. Available in electric only in Australia. Capacities from 32-56 birds. This unit is designed to batch cook, with preset temperatures and the cooking cavity divided into two separately operated area’s. A set and forget option when you are cooking large quantities of similar sized and type of product.

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The Rotisol rotisseries for markets and mobile applications. Featuring a light and robust radiant style rotisserie. Available in electric only. Capacities from 16-56 birds. These rotisseries are very economical in price, and considered an entry level radiant style rotisserie.

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This is the range of energy frugal electric oven style convection Rotisol rotisseries. Great for applications where efficient compact solutions are required. Smaller sizes do not require mechanical extraction, making this an easy option for convenience stores and super markets. Capacities from 5-80 birds. The Roti-Roaster is cheap to run due to the enclosed insulated cavity and fan forced air circulation creating an efficient use of all available heat. These rotisseries are also very easy to load and unload due to the basket style spit design.

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