Located in Via Casa Quindici, 22, 37066, Sommacampagna VR, Italy

Designers & Manufacturers of Ovens & Food Equipment Machines

Zanolli has been designing and manufacturing ovens and machines since 1952, supplying Italy and Europe with equipment exported across the world., The Zanolli products are made in Italy that combine traditional Italian high values of workmanship and use advanced technology in the creation of the product range.

All starting with the development and launch of the Electropizza, Zanolli’s first electric pizza oven, the company success lead to the company’s growth.

The product range expanded and includes ventilated tunnel ovens, electric and gas ovens, ovens of bread and pastry, rotor convection ovens, static ovens, air ventilated professional ovens and multi deck oven configurations. And products from kneaders, mixers, grinding mills, rolling machines, auxiliary machines, dividers and rounders.

Zanolli has been at the forefront of the pizza, bakery and pastry industry offering commercial food equipment solutions for small to large operations.

Product Range | Ovens, Kneaders, Mixers, Grinding Mills, Rolling machines, Auxiliary Machines, Dividers and Rounders


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Phone: +39 045 8581500


Via Casa Quindici, 22, 37066
Sommacampagna VR Italy

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