Induction cooking is an increasing popular cooking method as the technology becomes more common place and the cost reduces. Induction cooking works through the use of creating an electromagnetic field that transfers energy to the induction cookware which converts the energy into heat which then heats to the product.

The key advantages of induction cooking  is all of the energy used is transferred directly to the product which provides greater safety as there is no coil or flame and much cooler as most of the heat is directed to the cookware. Induction cooking is a great choice for all kitchens, find and select leading induction cooking equipment.

  • Counter Cooktop
  • Undercounter Cooktop
  • Induction Ranges
  • Thermal Delivery Systems (ie. pizza delivery)
  • Induction Fryers
  • Induction Woks

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Australia’s leading national choice for commercial kitchen equipment, commercial catering equipment, restaurant equipment & commercial bakery equipment.

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Our team specialises in customised flexible solutions to our customers, with extensive experience in the commercial kitchen industry in Europe and Australia.

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Scots Ice Australia

Australian importers and distributors of high quality foodservice equipment made in Italy, quality brands you can trust.

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An Italian food processing machine manufacturer of equipment for bars, restaurants, cafes, pizzerias, commercial kitchens, butcheries to supermarkets.

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Innovators and creators of induction equipment for cooking and warming of food and meal delivery systems - portable equipment for the food service industry.

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Hatco Corporation

Heating & Serving Equipment from Built-Ins units, holding and display cabinets, carving stations, heat lamps, drawer warmers, fry stations, induction, …

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