Perfect Fry Company

Located in Concord, New Hampshire, United States of America

Innovative Commercial Countertop Deep Fryers

Innovative and easy to operate countertop deep frying solutions, the Perfect Fry Company has been innovating and supplying quality equipment to the foodservice industry since 1986.  

The Perfect Fryer cooks a variety of foods from French fries/chips, chicken pieces and schnitzels, onion rings, dim sims, spring rolls, potato cakes, fish pieces, seafood and more.

The product range includes semi-automatic fryers, fully automatic fryers and crisp and hold stations.

Key benefits of the Perfect Fryer are; safe and easy to operate, pre-set cook times, small footprint, efficient design and the machines are supported by a sales, service and support network across North America and around the world.

Product Range | PFC (Semi-Automatic Fryers), PFA (Fully Automatic Fryers), PFCH (Crisp N’ Hold), Parts & Accessories, Basket Cover & Oil Drainage Kit


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Phone: +1 603-225-6684


Perfect Fry Company
New Hampshire United States of America

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