From the basic to full size kitchens choosing quality, durability and high performance cooking equipment is key to having a successful kitchen, from boiling tops, cooktops, bratt pans, braising pans, skillets, char broilers, barbeques, broilers, combi ovens (see also combi ovens), fryers, induction cooking equipment, frying systems using no oil, griddles, hot plates, static ovens, convection ovens, conveyor oven, turbo ovens, potato oven, pasta cookers, ranges, rice cooker, salamanders, stock pot cooker, teppanyaki grilles in electric and gas models.

With many types of cooking equipment to choose from with a range of options, select cooking equipment from around the world and design the kitchen you want.

  • Boiling Tops / Cooktops
  • Bratt Pans / Braising / Skillets
  • Char Broilers / BBQ / Broilers
  • Combi Ovens (see also combi ovens)
  • Fryers
  • Induction Cooking Equipment
  • No Oil Frying Systems
  • Griddles, Hot Plates
  • Ovens - Static, Convection
  • Conveyor Oven
  • Turbo Ovens
  • Potato Oven
  • Pasta Cookers
  • Ranges
  • Rice Cooker
  • Salamanders
  • Stock Pot Cooker
  • Teppanyaki Grilles

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Australia’s leading national choice for commercial kitchen equipment, commercial catering equipment, restaurant equipment & commercial bakery equipment.

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Our team specialises in customised flexible solutions to our customers, with extensive experience in the commercial kitchen industry in Europe and Australia.

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Scots Ice Australia

Australian importers and distributors of high quality foodservice equipment made in Italy, quality brands you can trust.

STOK Food Equipment

STOK Food Equipment

Commercial sous vide machines, catering equipment, food preparation and food packaging equipment for the foodservice industry.

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