Luus Industries

Located in Sunshine West, Victoria, Australia

Manufactures of Cooking Equipment | Asian, Professional & Essential Lines

Located in Melbourne’s West, Luus Industries manufacturers commercial cooking equipment. Engineer Don Luu’s started creating the equipment range back in 1998. The range has grown and constantly developed over the years to include a broad range of equipment to match the performance requires of kitchens.

The Asian Range includes waterless woks, stockpot cookers, traditional woks, noodle cookers, steamers, duck ovens to teppanyaki grills. 

The Professional Range covers ovens, chargrills, cooktops, griddles fryers, pasta cookers, griddle toasters and salamanders. 

The Essentials range comprises cooktops, ovens, chargrills, griddles and fryers.

Luus Industries has an on-site demonstration kitchen allowing people to check out the products first hand.

Asian range | Compact Waterless Woks, Compact Waterless Stockpots, Waterless Woks, Waterless Stockpots, Traditional Woks, Traditional Stockpots, Freestanding Stockpots, Noodle Cookers, Auto Refill Steamers, Traditional Steamers, Duck Ovens, Teppanyaki Grills

Professional Range | Ovens, Cooktops, Griddles, Chargrills, Griddle Toasters, Salamanders, Fryers, Pasta Cookers

Essentials range | Ovens, Cooktops, Griddles, Chargrills, Fryers


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Phone: +61 3 9240 6822


Luus Industries
250 Fairbairn Road
Sunshine West
Victoria 3020

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