Choose from a range of cooking equipment design for Asian cooking from duck ovens to pig ovens. Or if you are after woks, select from water feed or waterless designs with 1, 2 or 3 hole wok burner configurations and the type of burners such as Mongolian style burners. Designing a Japanese teppanyaki restaurant find a variety teppanyaki grills that are sure to put on a display.

Asian cooking at its best, select from a range of leading Asian cooking equipment from all over the world.

  • Duck Ovens
  • Pig Ovens
  • Teppanyaki Grills
  • Woks & Waterless Woks
  • Rice Cooker
  • Asian Induction Woks

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Australia’s leading national choice for commercial kitchen equipment, commercial catering equipment, restaurant equipment & commercial bakery equipment.

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B+S Commercial Kitchens

Commercial kitchen appliance manufacturer of ovens, deep fryers, griddles, boiling top, char broiler and Asian cooking from woks, steamers, noodle cookers, …

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Luus Industries

Manufactures of waterless woks, stockpot cookers, traditional woks, noodle cookers, steamers, duck ovens, teppanyaki grills, ovens, fryers, char grills, …

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